Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pray for Libya

Let's pray for our friends in Libya. Sadiqi Habibi

May God bless all the innocent children, the poor women and men living in fear; His beloved people who are the victims of the ravages of the current anarchy. May the Lord protect His loved ones amongst the turmoil that pervades the Arab/Muslim nations. May His holy angels comfort His children in the midst of helplessness and despair. May the Lord provide them His assurance of everlasting love, of His tender care, His salvation.

Let's also pray for the protection of God's children in Syria, in Bahrain, in Yemen, and the rest of the predominantly Muslim nations where the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is impeded from reaching the majority of the people. Let's not forget to pray for the dear Palestinian people of Gaza and the West Bank, where they constantly face annihilation; May the Lord have mercy on their souls.
Many of these people are Christians, and know Jesus Christ.
May all the world soon be able to know who died on the Cross for their sins, was ressurrected, ascended to heaven and is on the right hand of God. May all know the true God -The Creator of the mankind, the universe, and all that there is.